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  • Companies Legal Consultantship
    including structuring and implementing all kinds of corporate acts such as forming companies, making amendments of the articles of incorporation, capital increases and reductions, transformation, mergers and acquisitions, companies divisions, branch openings, domiciliation of foreign companies and processes of dissolution and liquidation. We are able to open companies anywhere in America and Europe, since we have international correspondents as members of the IABA. (Inter-American Bar Association)
  • Corporate Auditing:
    including reviewing and preparing corporate legal documents and records; companies project investment deals and implementation of legal strategies aimed at optimizing the management of business groups.
  • Intervention in shareholder disputes,
    through alternative methods of dispute resolution and / or judicial impugnation of decisions of the General Board of Shareholders.


  • Legal Advice regarding tax laws
    on filing and paying taxes, advance payments, withholdings, deductions, depreciation, amortization, tax credits.
  • Structuring and direct legal assistance in administrative claims and tax judicial procedures,
    in the fiscal, municipal and customs areas, relating to wrongful payments, overpayments, appeals,glosses trials and coercive procedures.
  • Implementation of corporate-tax strategies
    leading to optimizing the use of exemptions and deductions.


  • Permanent advice on labour law
    related to legal relationships between the company and employees, in any type of contract, from recruitment to termination.
  • Intervention in labour disputes,
    in the administrational and judicial procedures regarding layoffs, dismissals and contractual completions.


  • Registration of all kinds of modality of intellectual and industrial property,
    including trademarks, trade and service names, signs, slogans, patents, copyright and plant variety.
  • Intervention in trademark conflicts,
    by early warning procedures, opposition, replacement, revision and cancelation in administrational and judicial actions.
  • Structuring and intervention procedures of administrational supervision,
    designed to prevent an unauthorized use of the trademark holder, including claims for damages.


  • Civil and Commercial contracts in general
  • Financial and Insurance Legal advice
  • Environmental Legal advice
  • Customs procedures Legal advice, including customs clearance processes and overpayment claims
  • Sanitary authorizations Legal Advice, of all types of products
  • Immigration Legal advice, obtaining Visas of any kind and category, in favour of foreign citizens living in Ecuador
  • Judicial and Extrajudicial Collections of money of Debts, anywhere in the country and the world
  • Criminal Law
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